• Big Data

    The concept of Big Data stands for aggregations of data, whose dimension and complexity require advanced IT tools in every phase of the collection’s process. Read More
  • Osint

    The Open Source INTelligence consists in the data collection activity from public access sources. OSINT has a specific information management process aimed to create a specific knowledge to support a particular need or decision.
  • Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management includes a range of strategies and practices aimed to create, manage and share knowledge and information in order to make them more valuable. Read More
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TNP BrainÆtic is unique for intelligence and functions integration, it is able to create a remarkable economic growth and long terms customer relationship!

  • Core
  • Core Extension
  • Text Processing
The Core Modules include the necessary modules to grant the basic functioning of the system. 
flow controlLogical ControlWeb FrameworkSystem Configurator 
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The Core Extensions Modules are an extension of the Core Modules.
Admin User InterfaceDomain Control BasedLDAP IntegratorLotus Domino ConnectorFabric (Distributed Deploy)
Web DavWeb ServicesAdaptors/ConnectorsMassive Storage Archiver (Online/Offline)
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The Text Processing Modules include the modules for the processing of the information contained in heterogeneous data sources.
ImporterSplitter Rss-SpiderFeature ExtractionIndexerSearch
LanguageACM CategorizerSpiderDocument Workflow EnginePresentation Engine/Web
PreviewReportingHistory (Applications Timeline)MajordomoGeodata/Geonames
MetasearchPECOCRCollaborative Writing/Editing (Wiki, Loupe)Ontologies
Uniformity CheckerAdvanced PDF ProcessingExtreme Content ProcessingVersioning/Documental
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Next Generation Technology Top Features

  • Performance +

    The system must be hugely faster than data production processes, even when such production is massive. The great technological advancements in analysis and correlation impose the use of architectures with excellent performances.
  • Intelligence +

    The system must be sufficiently intelligent to replace the majority of routine and time-consuming human tasks, allowing it to cover areas that until now have been excluded from such systems.
  • Versatility +

    The system must be incredibly adaptive and natively engineered for the "constraintless" management of data that it contains. It must also natively provide a complete set of functionalities to cover the entire information life-cycle.
  • Modularity +

    Over 100 tech modules, natively integrated, that assure a state of-the-art-modularity. No orchestration needed, thus maximizing performances; No integration needed: all modules are natively integrated; Time to market and risk dramatically reduced.  
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  • Data Processing
  • Interface
  • Additional

The Data Processing Modules include all the algorithms for statistical and cognitive information processing.

AgentProbeNeural NetworkPattern MatchingCluster/Aggregation

Anomaly Detection PatternStatisticsPredictive InertialAnalytical EngineCorrelator

Time Sequence AnalysisCrosscorrelatorRule MatchingProfilerFishbone Analysis

KPI (Key Performance Index) BasedWhat IfTableau De BordTrend AnalysisOLAP Multidimensional

Sentiment AnalysisAdvanced Web Clustering/Extraction

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The Interface Features Modules include modules for shared information processing.
 Mobile AdminGraphPeopleCollaborationW3C Validation
User/Community WallInteractive Web Helper
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This section contains further modules used by TNP.
Process MonitoringProcess OptimizationResponderAccountabilityChange Management
AdvisoringCommunity BuildingMass E-mailWiki EnhancerSurvey
LicenseProgramme ManagementCalendarLog ViewerAttachment
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